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Seller: Koppy

Location: Yorktown, VA

Year: 1929

Make: Ford

Model: Tudor Sedan

Color: Grey

VIN: 2619756

Mileage: TMU


A hot rod built to look fast, go fast, and drive reliably by its owner – that’s what you’re looking at. Ben Kopp started with a decent body and a custom frame built to handle power… and then, let his imagination drive him from there. The top was chopped 3-inches while the body was channelled an additional 4-inches over the frame. From there, Scott Burnett of Kahiko Customs did the final body work and paint. The color is a single stage matched as closely as possible to Massey Ferguson Grey.

Mechanically, the car is very fresh and the pictures of the under-carriage support that. The 425-inch Buick Nailhead (featuring a RAD 2×4 Eelco intake sporting a pair of 650cfm Edelbrock carbs) and the ST400 tranny only have around 5500 miles on them. They are backed by 8.5″ BOP rear with 3:73 gears.

Up front, there’s a forged front-axle supported by a transverse spring and hairpins. Out back, Qa1 coil-overs support the rear while discs up front and drums out back stop the Wheel Vintique artillery wheels.

The interior is spartan and hot rod inspired – featuring bomber seats, a set of AutoMeter gauges, Bell Steering wheel, and… well, not much else. Just as it should be.

Questions From The Jalopy Journal:

What’s the worst aspect of this hot rod?
”There’s a small trans leak at the front pump seal. Nothing significant, but it’s there.”

What’s the best aspect of this hot rod?
”It’s just an all around blast to drive and it certainly gets attention.”

Thoughts From The Jalopy Journal:

Owner built hot rods are sort of a breed of their own. They weren’t built for profit and, as such, you often see original and painstaking details not seen elsewhere. I like this example as nothing sticks too far out of the norm and it wouldn’t take much to make it your own. Perhaps some vintage gauges and a wheel that shows off your own personality? Or maybe change up the rolling stock to something that fits your style better?

Regardless, there isn’t much to subtract here and there’s plenty you could add. Going forwards, not backwards.


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