Selling your car in The Jalopy Auction House costs nothing, but nothing in life is free.

See, we are trying to build an auction house where a guy can sell his car for top dollar and a buyer is willing to pay that premium because he has a better idea of exactly what he’s getting – even when buying sight unseen.

But, what does this mean to the seller? It means that to list your car in The House, we don’t require money. Instead, we require good photography (and lots of it) as well as a comprehensive and accurate description of your car. And video? Highly recommended.

Don’t be a sales person – let your car sell itself with its merits and yes, its demerits. We are here to help you do just that. Fill out the form below as best you can and if we are interested, we will get back to you and help you build an exhaustive listing that accurately represents your car.

Note: Writing and sometimes Photography services are available for a fee. Just ask.

So... What Ya Selling?