You’ve got questions… Let’s see if we can answer them.

And if we can’t with this quick “FAQ,” just shoot us an email and we will come back with full custom answers…

Bidder Questions

Question Can I cancel my bid?
AnswerThe House does not cancel bids, so please be sure of yourself when you place one.
Question Why do you need my credit card?
AnswerThe House takes auctions very seriously. Far too often, we’ve seen folks bid on cars only to back out when they can’t get their shit together. In an effort to curb this sort of thing and ensure the buyers are as serious as the seller, we require all bidders to provide their credit card information before they bid.

Please take notice that The House earns a 3% commission on all sales. This commission is taken from the credit card you have on file before you bid.

Question How do I contact a seller after the auction has ended?
AnswerOnce the auction has ended, both buyers and sellers will be sent each other’s contact information.
Question How do I contact a seller in order to ask questions during the auction?
AnswerAll communication for each auction is done in public and on the auction page itself. This allows all prospective buyers to get a more complete picture of the car as these questions are answered in real time.

So… If you have a question about the car, simpy ask in the “discussion” section of the auction.

Question Can I make an offer on a car that didn't meet the reserve?
AnswerAbsolutely. Just shoot us an email and we will send your offer to the seller.

Also, sellers are given a full rundown of the auction’s performance and are given the option of contacting buyers that made bids.

Question How much does buying a car cost?
AnswerWe charge buyers a 3% commission on all sales. The credit card you provided when bidding will be charged automatically.

Seller Questions

Question How much does listing a car cost?
AnswerWe do not charge sellers for listing their cars.
Question What kinds of cars does The House focus on?
AnswerWe accept three kinds of cars at The House:

  1. Pre-1965 hot rods. We do not auction contemporary hot rods made after 1965 or earlier cars built in a modern style.
  2. Pre-1965 custom cars. We do not auction contemporary customs made after 1965 or earlier cars built in a modern style.
  3. Stock pre-1965 American made cars.

Question How do I collect my money after an auction ends?
AnswerThe House will send you an email after the auction closes with the buyer’s details. From there, it is up to the buyer and seller to arrange payment.
Question Can I lower my reserve?
AnswerAbsolutely. Just send us an email.
Question Can I bid on my own auction?
AnswerNo. That is strictly prohibited… as is hiring other’s to do your dirty work for you.
Question Can I cancel my auction?
AnswerOnce an auction is live, it’s live. We do not cancel auctions.

General Auction Questions

Question Will my H.A.M.B. / Jalopy Journal login work here?
AnswerNo. The Jalopy Auction House is a separate site with different security needs. As such, you need to create a new account here to bid on the auctions. You can do so here.
Question How Do The Auctions Work?
AnswerOur Auctions work in a similar fashion to traditional offline auctions. Typical auctions last between 5 and 15 days. At the end of that time, the highest bidder wins if the reserve is met. However, not all auctions have reserves.
Question How do reserves work?
AnswerNot all auctions have reserves. However, those that do will only notify you to them once that reserve is met. No reserve auctions will be labeled as such.
Question How do you handle last minute bids?
AnswerIf a bid is placed within 1-minute of the auction closing, the auction is extended an additional 5-minutes. This is to avoid “auction sniping.”