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Seller: dpogue35

Location: Collinsville, OK

Year: 1939

Make: Ford

Model: Deluxe Sedan

Color: Maroon

VIN: 4796593

Mileage: TMU


This one is special. Really special. Don Pogue found himself an early show car built in New Hampshire from one of the best platforms Ford ever produced – the 39/40 Ford, but he didn’t stop with the find. Instead, a body off frame restoration was completed – leaving the personality of the old, but introducing the drivability of some hidden newness.

The chassis was completely restored, but kept relatively stock. Even the axle is original as Don simply removed some leafs from the pack up front to set the stance. To compliment this, a Chassis Engineering rear parallel spring kit was installed to hang the 8″ ford rear. Disc brakes up front, drums in the rear…

For power, Don chose the venerable 327″ Chevrolet backed by a 700R4 for highway cruising. While he was at it, he installed a new gas tank and replaced all the lines. The engine compartment also flaunts a new aluminum radiator, new alternator, new carb, and all new exhaust and wiring.

The body itself is as solid as can be and shows no rust. The paint, however, is showing plenty of earned patina in the right places.

But the interior? It’s old and dated and shows like a shuttered whore house from the 1960’s. Personally, I think it’s glorious and is only complimented by the period Stewart Warner gauges and that marvelous dash. Also, don’t sleep on that early throttle pedal.

Questions From The Jalopy Journal:

What’s the worst aspect of the sedan?
”I actually don’t care for the dated interior. I guess that’s a matter of opinion. Also, the paint is showing its age. Again, that’s subjective.”

What’s the best aspect of the sedan?
”This car has never seen any rust and the drivetrain is fantastic.”

Thoughts From The Jalopy Journal:

You can’t fabricate the patina that comes with history. And while we might not know much about the history of this car, it does tell its own story. And frankly, it’s a story that I simply love. Like I said, this is a special car.

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I love this car man… Whoever buys it better not change that interior!