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Location: Johnston, IA

Year: 1955

Make: Ford

Model: F100

Color: Yellow

VIN: F10D5K22692

Mileage: TMU


Editor’s Note: This is a re-listing and the reserve has been dropped. NO RESERVE.

How about a project truck that runs and drives in absolute revolt of its bumps and bruises? That’s what we have here fellas – a usable truck that’s cheap to buy, cheap to run, and fun as hell to drive.

Power comes from the stock 223-inch straight six that has been tuned up with fresh plugs, plug wires and a 12-volt (converted) alternator. Best guess from the owner is that it was rebuilt around 15 years ago. It’s shifted by the original 3-speed on the tree and driven by a 3:90 rear. The owner reports that the old truck runs fine and doesn’t overheat.

The brakes and suspension are all original and in good shape and the wheels are relatively new American Racing Kidney beans. Tires have about 85 to 90% tread remaining. The owner does report that the steering box has your typical play in it…

The interior is what it is. You can fart in the seat and pretty well forget about it. The gauges haven’t been updated to 12-volt yet, so most don’t work. Hell, even the speedo is non-op, but what do you need that for anyhow?

The body is more of the same. It’s solid as can be in the typical areas and rusty in the other. Namely, the cab corners are starting to deteriorate as typical with these old trucks. The rest of the paint is just rough enough to be cool and no less.

Questions From The Jalopy Journal:

What’s the worst aspect of this ole pickup?
”The cab corners aren’t great obviously. It also needs a replacement battery tray and some work on the lighting/wiring. The driver’s side door rattles like a dickens as well, but I have some replacement weather stripping I’ll throw in.”

What’s the best aspect of this pickup?
”It’s actually a pretty solid old pickup if you know what you are looking at. I like the patina… and it runs (idles great), drives, and stops just fine thank you very much.”

Thoughts From The Jalopy Journal:

The seller is a moderator over on the HAMB and as honest as you can get. Ask him questions and you will get straight answers. To me, this is just an old truck that represents a fun project for a guy that just needs something fun to put around in and tinker with… all while not spending too much cash.

Here’s a rough cut video to answer some questions found in the discussion section:

The owner just sent another video… This one of the motor running:


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Thank you.

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How is the operation of the hood and the doors?

1 year 8 hours ago

I just uploaded a rough cut video of both the hood and doors in operation… please check the bottom of the auction description section.