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Location: Kelseyville, CA

Year: 1961

Make: Chevrolet

Model: Biscayne

Color: Turquoise

VIN: 11111L184206

Mileage: TMU


This thing is rad. Imagine, if you will, sitting at the house and realizing you are plum out of Diet Dr. Pepper. You could hop in the truck and head to the store, but the weather is nice… and you’re bored… and your x-streetracer Biscayne is just begging for the miles. I do shit like this when I’m dreaming of owning a car. I mean, I can literally see my hand shoving that ole B&M shifter into park as I pull into my spot at the H-E-B.

Anyway, what we have here is a time capsule of sorts… This ’61 Biscayne started life as a lowly straight-6 car and probably hauled a family around the west coast for the first part of its life. Sometime in the 1970’s, however, some hoodlum got a hold of it and went to town with an early 454-inch Big Block, a turbo 350 trans, and an unidentified posi rear with a freeway gear. It’s easy to assume that this ole gal was a street racer.

The seller added a Griffin aluminum radiator and dual pusher fans to keep it cool. While he was at it, he also installed a quality dual exhaust system on the stock 454 manifolds. The tips appropriately dump out the back.

It’s a typical California find. There’s no rust to be found and both the body and frame are very solid – all original floorpans, all original rockers, all original quarters, etc… There are no signs of previous accidents or shady body work. She’s clean top and bottom with the only signs of a cutting torch coming on the front crossmember where a relief was cut – likely for headers at some point.

The patina is absolutely perfect. Minor dings here and there (as well some blisters/cracks) sort of frame the polished through paint. And beyond all that? Surprisingly, she still shines. Plus, all the glass is good and clean sans a wiper scratch on the windshield – no chips or cracks though. All the stainless and the bumpers show to be really nice and original.

The seller reports that the interior is old and crispy as you might imagine. The dash has been cut for a stereo at some point and panels for speakers, but it’s all pretty much still there. Working gauges include the oil pressure, water temp, and speedo.

Front tires are a couple of years old while the rear are older and need replaced. They still hold air, but if you are planning on driving this one home, you might consider some new rubber.

Questions From The Jalopy Journal:

What’s the worst aspect of this Biscayne?
”I guess the paint and interior? Depends on your feelings towards real patina.”

What’s the best aspect of this Biscayne?
”The running gear makes this car. It sounds and runs the part and is a whole lot of fun.”

Thoughts From The Jalopy Journal:

This car is casual… and I dig casual cars. Do anything you want with it and don’t feel too bad about it. It’s a car, not a museum piece.

If it were me, I’d put some more period appropriate wheels and tires on it and then go do a whole bunch of burnouts….


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