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Seller: McCue

Location: Granville, OH

Year: 1966

Make: Chevrolet

Model: Biscayne

Color: Tan

VIN: 153116L188107

Mileage: TMU


What we have here is utterly American and simply… well, simple. American in that it’s a big ole sedan with a huge motor – a 396-inch Big Block Chevrolet to be exact.  And simple in that it’s almost a blank canvas. The stock “sleeper” look doesn’t do it for you? No problem, add some Americans, some more aggressive rubber, and bask in the Hot Rod limelight. Or maybe you are more of a custom guy? No sweat, add some Astros, maybe some pencil thin whitewalls, and some lake pipes… You are ready for the boulevard.

I think my vote, however, would be to keep it clean and simple. The owner claims the car was given a frame-off restoration and the images certainly speak to that. While the body was off, the frame was done in satin black and detailed to a factory original appearance. The body panels themself look to be original and no previous repairs are visible. It was sprayed in a GM tan color – base coat/clear.

The interior is all original and the owner reports that it shows no tears or stains. It’s stock and gorgeous. The original A/C was replaced with a Vintage Air unit sometime around 2020.

As for the mechanicals, the owner doesn’t know the history of the big block, but believes it was probably rebuilt during the frame-off restoration. It is detailed, clean, and if it sits for several months, it might leave a single drop of oil on your garage floor. It’s backed by a TH400 and the stock rear.

Wheels are from Wheel Vintiques – 7” up front and 8” out back. The tires (225/70/15 front & 255/70/15 rear) are red line Diamond Backs with shaved sidewalls. They are in like-new condition.

The odometer reads 71,791 miles as of this listing and while there is not documentation to prove it, the owner believes them to be original.

Questions From The Jalopy Journal:

What’s the best aspect of the car?
”The car is just so detailed and well done.  It reminds me exactly how I would have done it had I done it myself.  I always build as if I were keeping it forever.  No cutting corners or expenses spared.  All parts are new, Sanden compressor, radiator, battery, Hotchkiss bars front and rear, gas tank, etc.  Has T-3 headlights, MSD Pro Billet dist,  Powermaster alt, Hi torque starter,  etc.  Car was built in LA.  Tilt wheel, tac, factory ac ducts, PS, PB, all anodized aluminum; this is as nice as it gets.  The car is so understated and this is why I like it.”

What’s the worst aspect of the car?
“If you were going to drive a lot of interstate, I would probably change the rear gear or put an OD trans in it.”

Thoughts From The Jalopy Journal:

To me, this Biscayne is the perfect candidate for a daily driver. Sure, you won’t get great gas mileage and maintenance is always important on older cars… BUT, you can’t beat the style or usability of a big American sedan and if you factor in resale value, the long term cost of ownership of this car is probably far less than that of a new Corolla.

In short, sell your late model and daily drive this instead. You’ll save money.

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Is this car still available by chance?

John McCue
1 year 1 month ago

Yes . Give me a call. I have been in the hospital since Sunday so just being able to respond. 304-552-8807

1 year 1 month ago

Could I make an appointment to come and see the car in person?